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Every line of business needs suitable lighting, in order to showcase your work. Rodalight is on hand to support you in the design and installation of your project!

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The Rodalight© quality label

  • Up to 90% savings on your energy bills
  • Personalised expertise, tailored to your line of business
  • Calculate your annual return on investment
  • 3-7-year warranty on our different products
  • Installation of equipment by certified electricians
  • 40 years of expertise and over 12,500 satisfied clients

Whatever your requirements, we can help you: personalise and tailor your professional LED lighting to best showcase your business.

Let us handle your lighting project: you won’t be disappointed! 

Over 40 years of expertise in lighting advice

The evolution of lighting over the last 10 years and, notably the significant development of the LED market, has meant we have become LED lighting experts ready to help with your requirements.

For over 40 years, Rodalight has endeavoured to diversify its offering to be able to provide its clients with cutting edge solutions and LED products. We are delighted to share this expertise with you on this website. Indeed, our company New Lights SA has been importing and distributing a wide range of lighting products in Europe since 1971!

Every profession needs specific LED lighting tailored to its requirements: we are on hand to advise and guide you in the installation of your new light fixtures or the replacement of current lights, to make substantial energy savings and put the spotlight on your operations.

From traditional lighting to LED lighting

By starting as the exclusive importer to Benelux of Oy Airam Ab Finland (the largest Finnish and Scandinavian brand), Rodalight has always set itself apart with its know-how on performance in improving the rendering of colours for retail displays.

From the famous Airam lights, to the numerous other extended lifespan products such as the new “LED Premium” family. For several years, we have been distributing under our own label, certain ranges of superior quality LED lamps, representing exceptional value for money.

Rodalight experts are always looking out for innovative solutions in LED lighting, and to help you make best use of this money-saving and environmentally friendly technology!

Proven experience and expertise

We are proud of our considerable experience, expertise and know-how that have made a difference for a great many of our clients in varied fields of operation and conditions. We are able to explain in detail the difference in shades and light effects achieved. 

We consider every situation to help you find the most suitable LED lighting fixture. Finally, our realistic approach to “lighting in its broadest sense” makes it possible for us to offer a comprehensive solution.

Calling on Rodalight, means relying on a solid, experienced partner. It’s also the assurance of working with a LED expert. It is crucial to be able to direct you to another solution that is more suitable than fluorescent, halogen or discharge lamps. We have that expertise and will be able to guide you.

The best LEDs to illuminate your business

We showcase your products with the LED Pur Premium light. A unique colour rendition gives added value to your displays and increases your sales. The right choice of LED units will enable you to differentiate yourself and make your business more attractive!

A unique colour rendition gives added value to your displays, collections and fashion accessories and increases your sales. New LED lights afford your products a unique colour rendition never previously achieved. Carefully considered lighting will always provide the best results and will make you look even more professional and could reduce your electricity costs by 50%.

The return on investment is very rapid, and the latest model LEDs will offer you a working environment that is even more attractive and soothing on the eyes. What are you waiting for? Start your lighting re-design today!

What does your project involve?

  • Are you looking for professional LED lighting?
  • Using quality equipment at an attractive price?
  • Visible quality at first glance?
  • Are you looking to fit out a building with LED lighting?
  • Visible quality without incurring substantial costs to the co-ownership?
  • Professionals and individuals: we are here to help.

Why contact a lighting expert?

  • We listen to and understand your requirements
  • Bespoke expertise for your establishment
  • Specific lighting tailored to your field of business
  • The best manufacturers to make your investment profitable
  • All lighting equipment that you require in stock or available for order
  • Showcase your products while making fantastic savings