LEDs have a number of advantages, including safety, flexibility and, of course: huge energy savings.

Huge energy savings achieved made thanks to LED units are clear for all to see. Nearly everyone can agree on this. Moreover, new LED bulbs can be very easily adapted to older situations (older units), employing one or other simple checks beforehand.

Up to 90% savings!

This is thanks to optimisation and combining actual LED technology, with the technology embedded inside the bulbs or units which are increasingly robust and reliable. In recent years the field of LED lights has become one in which it is possible to make massive energy savings

Renewing existing lighting

You don’t need to be starting out with a new project to get into LED relamping! It is really easy to replace old halogen, incandescent, compact fluorescent bulbs, or even standard fluorescent tubes and install new energy-efficient units or LED bulbs.

New equipment will always be the best option, but for budget reasons, it is nevertheless possible to realise great savings by replacing the bulbs in existing fittings.

Check out our cost-efficiency calculator

Measure it for yourself, with significant figures, very close to reality, the savings realised and in which time frame by basing it on our usual usage. The ROI (Return On Investment) is calculated and will show you the savings realised over thousands of hours usage of your LED lights.

It is often said that savings are not directly tangible and often seem to be an unrecoverable outlay. This is incorrect: you will realise that it is possible to make savings and take yourself off for a weekend away rather than continue to pay costly electricity bills…

Can you make significant energy savings? Yes, but in a smart way!

We are often asked why making savings is so important: the answer is pretty simple. LED lights contain chemical components (substrate, phosphorus, etc.). By injecting direct current into these substances, a maximum amount of light is produced, while consuming a minimum with good heat dissipation.

You therefore obtain the same light level as before but using 8-10 times less!

Good quality LED lights (as offered on this website) will also usually have the benefit of superior heat dissipation systems than those in so-called low-cost LEDs. This makes it possible to keep the bulb for longer, not having to replace it so quickly and effectively making the purchase profitable

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