LED tube lights combine highly useful functions for easy replacement lighting but also and particularly for tricky lighting situations for the user or installer with high luminous flux.

LED tubes present a highly interesting alternative to traditional fluorescent lighting tubes.

With a very long life span, from 50,000 up to 70,000 hours, excellent light and energy efficiency up to 100 lumens per watt and finally, homogeneous lighting with instantaneous, optimal illumination without flickering, without warm-up time and developing all possible power immediately.


    1. Suitable for single lights
      which represent the majority of cases. Often fitted with non-electronic equipment (magnetic)
    2. Also offers solutions for existing equipment
      electronic (without starters) as well as for complex access tasks or requiring high luminous flow
    3. Easy replacement
      as there is no need to rewire the installation
    4. Instant illumination
      100% light availability in a fraction of a second and at all temperatures (fridges)
    5. Lasts up to 70,000 hours

How do you replace your traditional TL fluorescent lighting with LED tubes?

The cherry on the cake: the change can be made in no time! By replacing the starter with a “starter-fuse” supplied with the LED tube and/or the maintaining or removing the existing ballast, these LED tubes which are fitted with the same standard caps, integrating perfectly inside the existing framework.

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