Why move over to LEDs? What is the point of LED relamping? Find out the 7 reasons to move to LEDs without delay.

LED relamping involves replacing your old bulbs with LED bulbs.

More specifically: modernising the lighting system by replacing lamps and other light sources that have become obsolete, faulty or inappropriate, with a consistent and high-performance solution such as LED technology.

7 reasons to change to LED lighting

  1. Save on electricity
    Reduce your electricity bill by 50-90%
  2. Quick return on your investment
    With a significant reduction in your consumption, you can recoup your investment very quickly.
  3. Increase the lifespan of your lighting
    The average lifespan of a LED is between 25-30,000 hours. That is 20 times longer than a traditional bulb (lifespan of a traditional bulb: 1000 – 2500 hrs for the highest performing bulbs)!
  4. Enjoy a greater quality light and better colour rendering
    LED bulbs are available in a wide range of shades and can render light in several shades:
    • daylight (very cool)
    • cool white or neutral white
    • warm white
    • extra warm white
  5. Easy transition
    It is very easy to replace any bulb with a LED bulb.
    They are the same shape, diameter and height!
  6. Environmentally friendly
    By selecting LED lighting, you will contribute to the reduction in CO2 emissions.
  7. Showcase your products
    Various equivalent highlighting products have appeared in the field of high-power equipment. The old discharge units known as HQI, CDM or SDWT now have equivalent LED ultra low consumption units and which render the vibrancy of the illuminated objects.

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