New LED lighting for a Brussels-based antiques exhibition

Norden Fine Antiques called upon Euro-Spotlite to help find a LED lighting solution to replace its ageing halogen lighting. Our client has a charming antiques store in the Sablon quarter of Brussels.

Our challenge: move towards lower consumption, less maintenance, less heat emissions, more light, fast return on investment, while maintaining the particular ambiance of the premises.

A new demonstration of the flexibility of LED lighting

Rodalight suggested the replacement of the existing old halogen 35 and 50w bulbs with new LED type AR111 Verbatim 14.5w-2700K warm white bulbs and a beam angle of 25°.

This model of LED boasts very high quality components. Very high calibre “warm white” diodes with 85+ on the Color Rendering Index, very low heat emissions and a remarkable combination of beams emitted by a LED bulb.

This solution helped to resolve 5 issues in particular:

  • general reduction in consumption
    for around 60 spot lights.
  • reduce the ambient heat
    caused by high heat emissions from the halogen bulbs installed in the gallery and window.
  • absolutely maintain the subdued atmosphere
    created by the existing halogen lights.
  • enhance the overall lighting level
    while improving the light quality on instruments, furniture and pieces exhibited.
  • Capitalise on existing units
    without having to invest in costly new light fittings.

Perfectly suited LED lighting

Norden Fin Antiques is an elegant little space on rue de la Régence in the Sablon quarter of Brussels. Devoted to, amongst other things, magnificent old musical instruments (violins, wooden oboes, harpsichords, small pianos, etc.) but also some wonderful works and pieces of art.

It was therefore essential that the lighting for noble wood items, with different shades of wood and a cosy atmosphere was maintained and enhanced. The current halogen lights were type AR111 with narrow or average beams.

These types of halogen light are ideal for amplifying and rendering a subdued atmosphere thanks in part to the superb warm white shade generated by the light, but also to the adjustable beam that can range from narrow to very wide and a specific anti-glare component in the light.

Units containing these bulbs were units with an integrated rail transformer from a well-known brand and in a good state of repair: so we didn’t need to change them!

A wonderfully easy optimisation process that is already paying off

The results are quite simply superb. The light level is increased, the ambiance quality enhanced and improved, the heat inside the store has decreased and the artworks and antiques are considerably better showcased.

It has been possible to reduce consumption by almost 60% compared to the old halogen lights. The quality of the light components used is excellent, without representing an obstacle in terms of price.

Perfectly suited LED lighting

The LED lights used are of a higher technology level. The light is known to be ultra-compatible* which means that by inserting LED bulbs in the units initially provided for halogen bulbs, the LED lights will switch on for the most part smoothly, without flickering and instantly. The client can therefore use them in complete confidence.

* Ultra-compatible: in very rare cases, a compatibility issue (light doesn’t switch on, flickers slightly or does not stay on in a stable fashion) can occur due to the LED bulb not being recognised by the transformer in the existing fitting.

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