LED tubes for bakery lighting

In 2012, Euro-Spotlite helped the “Wetterenoise” bakery achieve functional and sustainable industrial lighting with new ultra-low consumption LED tubes. The bakery sought our advice on the type of LED lighting for the shop, most appropriate for their new ultra-modern production facilities based in Forest, Belgium. This was a completely new project where all solutions could be considered. Very quickly, Rodalight directed the company to LED tubes for a professional lighting scheme!

An excellent level of lighting and a fast return on investment combined with a reduction in consumption thanks to sealed units representing great value for money.

Our LED lighting solution for the production facilities

After conducting a survey, we directed our client to a type of sealed unit measuring 150 cm in double polycarbonate full output with integrated LEDs, high performance in cool white 4000 degrees Kelvin. This type of unit seemed to us to be ideal for this project as it boasted several advantages:

  • ease of installation,
  • easy to use,
  • in line with European food standards (HACCP).

This type of LED tube offers professional lighting and significant reliability of internal materials. It is economical to buy, without compromising on quality, while rendering excellent light quality in an intense work environment where the unit is on practically 24 hours a day.

The right answer to specific needs

Thanks to an energy-efficient calculation, the bakery was plainly able to understand the benefit of moving to LED lighting for its premises: the investment would be recouped within two years!

The client’s goal was to make a drastic reduction in consumption, invest sensibly (without exceeding the budget set) and to recoup that investment as quickly as possible… Isn’t that what everyone wants? 

Professional lighting at low cost

Now, the investment has been completely recouped and the company currently enjoys 60% savings compared to what it would have cost with traditional installations.

The entire annual saving can be multiplied by the expected number of years of use for the LED tubes for its professional lighting. The total saving achieved is therefore much (much) greater!

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