Very high quality LED spot lights

For this high-end fashion store, the selection of LED spots for textile lighting had to provide suitable light without compromising on energy savings.

Bouvy has a very varied range of lighting that includes various types of different products for different uses and applications. Nearly one thousand lights, of all different models!

To date, the brand had been moving to LED lights on a gradual basis (it isn’t necessary to do it all in one fell swoop). Recently, a lighting unit in one of the stores had been replaced, without having to change each bulb or tube.

A perfectly adjusted LED light effect

The important aspect was obtaining a highly accented and defined LED light effect on the selection of clothes displayed. All this while still taking into consideration a ceiling height of nearly 4 m!

Rodalight supplied all new GU10 high rendering LED spots (8.5w and nearly 700 lumens equivalent to 94w halogen with a CRI of over 85 -.

This was premium LED equipment at an excellent price, specially designed for textiles and user satisfaction…

1001 LED spots for textile lighting

Bouvy had a dense and varied “lighting system”. Even for the user, successfully managing and knowing all the references and uses of each of the lights employed in the store was a real challenge.

It could involve halogen lights, discharge lamps, TL fluorescent lights in workshops or for stock, for example.

As the shop staff are highly skilled in fashion, the LED lighting needs of the business were carried out under the direction of one of the technical employees of the brand.  

Our bespoke LED lighting proposal

Rodalight was selected for its quality advice, excellent understanding of the models or standards required and finally for its speed in carrying out the work.

Rodalight offered Bouvy high-quality service and an unparalleled breadth of knowledge: notably, understanding all LED spot light models described and requested by the client, even though they no longer had the specific references for the model in question.

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