Relamping of the Amigo Hotel: LED lights perfectly fitted

A tailor-made partnership was able to find the best solutions suited to the needs of its client. During this project, the extensive knowledge on the part of Rodalight of the models and construction details of thousands of LED lights made all the difference!

The technical department of the Amigo Hotel, in its efforts to replace traditional lighting with LED lighting, consulted us with the aim of finding a solution to a problem. The greatest difficulty was integrating a particular model of LED light into an existing, very typical fitting that the hotel was absolutely keen to keep.

A highly technical LED relamping selection

What was difficult for the hotel technicians was: finding a particular model of LED bulb that could be inserted into the existing, but relatively old, fittings, given the number of light replacements to be carried out. So, a LED model needed to be found that would fit each light, on a case-by-case basis. Our expertise of numerous LED models made it possible for the hotel to successfully replace hundreds of lights.

Selecting an uncommon LED model

The technical director absolutely wanted to keep the existing units and fittings and find a solution for the problem using a perfectly adapted LED light. The solution was found in an uncommonly use model known as MR11 (small diameter of 35 mm).

The model selected had to respect a sufficient installed depth. As the existing units installed in the hotel could not be changed, it was necessary to find a bulb with sufficient depth.

The second difficulty was in obtaining a suitable non-flickering transformer for the LEDs, as the existing transformer had also become obsolete. This component was also found with the help and assistance of Rodalight’s specialist team!

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