Our LED relamping project at the Belgian Senate

How do you realise significant energy savings and combine cutting-edge LED technology in a traditional and elegant setting? As part of its project at the Belgian Senate, Rodalight proposed an intelligent choice for the replacement of a thousand incandescent bulbs with clear 3w E14 LED candle bulbs.

Our quality, cost-effective solution

Rodalight, in collaboration with several partners from the same team, proposed the replacement of all incandescent candle bulbs in the Belgian Senate with clear 3w E14 LED candle bulbs. The request came from the head of the infrastructure department of the Belgian Senate, seeking to implement energy saving measures.

Cost-effective and appropriate LED bulbs

To do this, we recommended a very specific bulb model with a high CRI (colour rendering index), coupled with a very warm shade of 2600K (Kelvin). These models of LED lights are pitched at a very advantageous price given the quality of the bulbs supplied, much higher than basic bulbs.

... for all types of LED lighting!

At the same time, the energy efficiency calculation had already been undertaken by the Senate’s own departments. Our mission consisted of proposing a model of LED bulb that was both elegant (without plastic or thermoplastic material) given the décor and furniture, but also to replace other bulbs in other table lamps in the Senate rooms.

Small lamps were fitted with shades in which the colour shade of the LED bulb would not show to be different in any way from the incandescent and traditional halogen bulbs used previously.
The main requirements were to obtain an extremely warm and natural light to maintain the pleasant atmosphere for the senators at work.

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